Who We Are

QLab is not just another dental lab. What makes us stand apart from others is our cutting-edge dental technology and expert team. Our founder is Alaa Abou Hasan, a professional with years of experience in the dental technology sector. He has a 14-year background in the field. Not only does he have experience in manufacturing, customer service, and leading a team, but he is also an excellent communicator. This makes him the ideal leader for this UK dental lab.

Who is AlaaAbou Hasan

Alaa Abou Hasan has an Associate of Science Degree in Dental Technology from Damascus University where he graduated with distinctions. He has enrolled and graduated from various dentistry technician courses and ceramics courses. These courses have made him an expert in the field of dental technology. He is well-versed in the modelling of crowns, bridges. Impalnts, dentures, and with the latest ceramic manufacturing techniques. 

His grasp on the field of dental technology and his leadership skills make Qlab dental what it is today. His focus on quality control, excellence, standards, and the latest technologies has advanced Qlab to new heights.

Alaa Abou Hasan is the Lead Technician at QLab and is the founder, creative director, and master Ceramicist as well. It’s through his continuous strive to push the envelope when it comes to dental technology that QLab advances forward.

We also have a team of dental professionals that are experienced in the field of dental technology. They’re not merely technicians or modelling professionals, but artists. Their innovative approach allows us to produce the highest quality dental prosthesis to help our patients. We not only believe in efficient and excellent result, but also in integrity and communication. Our founder Alaa Abou Hasan has deemed these qualities essential in our operations.

We offer all types of Dental Crowns, Bridges, Implant restorationsand Patient consultations for Smile Design and Shade seletion and more. Our services ensure that you get the best quality care that you need. We often like to say that our job is engineering smiles, quite literally. Our mission is to take dentistry to the next level by providing the highest Quality and helping people smile more.

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